In Outlook, if you accidentally decline a meeting series instead of an individual instance, it's removed from your calendar forever. You have to go find the calendar invite in your _email_ trash and re-accept it from there. Too bad if you only realized you declined the series after your trash was emptied.

I have not had to use Outlook/Exchange in over 17 years. This is a painful and undesired adjustment.

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Then I can prepare you: it will not be the last undesired adjustment. Steel yourself for what is to come.

Of course, let your Deleted Items fill up.

Check your junk email often. Some people always end up in there in spite of all attempts to convince Outlook of their good character.

Find "Connected to: <your email address>" at the bottom of the pane. Disconnections are announced here, very quietly.

Some find the browser based Outlook more palatable than the installed "app".

@seachanged I use the browser version in anticipation of getting to use it in Linux. New company had so many security lockdowns I can't get into mail without magic tokens on my machine, placed there be the single sign on thingy. But still don't get SSO with Outlook web, just permission to sign into it. There are multiple reasons I cringe whenever we need to work on a computer where someone insists on using Outlook (which is not our standard email client, but kept as an option as some of the higher ups prefer it however much the rest of us would like to forget it exists).

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