Slack has become the new Emacs. There are people who want to be able to do their entire tech job through Slack bots.

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@CarlCravens discord too

and our $dayJob install of mattermost folks are trying to bend to bot land (yay it folks saying 'oh hell no' to that one)

folk have lost their minds

@kemonine I used to work with a systems engineer whose goal was to never log into a host. He wanted to control everything through remote tools. And I'm like, until you can see and control $everything through remote tools, that's not possible... and if you can do that, is it really better than logging in?

I think his real goal was to avoid learning the nuances work, but wanted tools that knew how to do it for him.

@CarlCravens thats a lot of what ive seen too

folk really dont wanna deal with the nuance and in medical records... its pure nuance ; and data quality and...

there is a lot of hand waving bs folks need to realize is non-trivial effort

we've made systems /too easy/ at this point

@kemonine It's been interesting watching my career go from spending a lot of my day writing tools to automate things, to just installing and configuring OSS. (I remember Win95 coming out in those early days when I worked for a dial-up ISP.)

@CarlCravens My newest peer, who is in the stage of proving her worth and differentiating herself from the rest of us, has created so many things in Slack that change processes for our team. One of these is an excellent idea and is so much easier, but the rest are equal or worse than what we were already doing.

@whami I know that feeling. Sometimes you want to tell new folks to cool their jets.

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