It's such a weird state that video games have gotten into... "The game's been out for 4 years, why are there only 50 people still assigned to it and it updates only every 2 months?"

I blame Minecraft for creating this idea that games should just constantly update FOR FREE after they're released. I appreciate that games _do_ keep updating, but it's gone from being a privilege to being seen as a right.

People get downright angry when game updates come out slowly, let alone are non-existent.


Hm, PC Gamer blames Valve an Team Fortress 2 for starting this in 2007.

And I guess that's probably true, though the content from TF2 was just new weapons, hats and maps. The game _systems_ generally weren't changing.

Whereas Minecraft was adding entire new realms (The End), creatures, systems (enchanting, potions, etc). Because it was an unfinished, early-access game, it taught people that you pay for a game and the game just keeps expanding and expanding.

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