It's such a weird state that video games have gotten into... "The game's been out for 4 years, why are there only 50 people still assigned to it and it updates only every 2 months?"

I blame Minecraft for creating this idea that games should just constantly update FOR FREE after they're released. I appreciate that games _do_ keep updating, but it's gone from being a privilege to being seen as a right.

People get downright angry when game updates come out slowly, let alone are non-existent.

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Hm, PC Gamer blames Valve an Team Fortress 2 for starting this in 2007.

And I guess that's probably true, though the content from TF2 was just new weapons, hats and maps. The game _systems_ generally weren't changing.

Whereas Minecraft was adding entire new realms (The End), creatures, systems (enchanting, potions, etc). Because it was an unfinished, early-access game, it taught people that you pay for a game and the game just keeps expanding and expanding.

@CarlCravens I have been wondering how Mojangg supports that, you'd think everyone would HAVE minecraft by now, but I guess at a certain point the game is large enough that it can rely on new people reaching gaming age and getting new accounts for long term funding?

@Canageek You would think! But apparently sales just keep going... plus they've leveraged DLC sales on the non-Java platforms. You pay for skin packs, map packs, etc.

@CarlCravens Fair, and console players have to buy it new on each new console generation I guess, but you think if that was their main funding they'd have moved more development over to bedrock, when I know bedrock players are SUPER salty about bugs getting patched on Java way before they are patched on bedrock.

@Canageek Honestly, I thought Microsoft would kill the Java edition years ago. And I actually think that would be _better_ for the Java ed community, because then it would finally have a stable platform to mod off of, instead of it constantly being a moving target. Some of my favorite mods broke years ago because the dev got tired of keeping up with updates. And I think the MC team has lost site of what made MC good. It's too complicated now.

@CarlCravens I only started a couple of versions ago, and don't play a lot, but the core content seems pretty frozen, the new stuff seems to mostly be added around the edges, like you don't have to mess around with the deep dark or new mobs unless you want to, and stuff like the new terrign generation and increased build height I think helps a lot?

Also, you can still play older versions, there are still mod communities focusing on a few specific versions as I understand it.

@CarlCravens And yet no one gets angry when they're forcefully herded into a passive wait for updates to come, by continually, perpetually closed source video games, instead of being able to participate in updating the game they're playing.

@cy That's because most people have no desire or idea how to contribute to a game, as evidenced be the number of people who say, "The devs should just fix this problem, it should be easy."

Nobody's "forcefully herded" ... they buy the game and participate willingly.

@CarlCravens Alright then, I'll just go take my dollars and go buy that open source game over there which doesn't... cost money. Gee it's almost as if the nature of closed source software is to force people to pay money just to be allowed to use it without owning it.

@cy This is the nature of the free market. If people wanted to spend millions of dollars developing a game to give away for free, they would. If you want to play a triple-A title (legally), you pay what the developer asks. Developing software has a cost, and there is nothing inherent in software that dictates the labor used to create it should be uncompensated. "Software should be free" is not a moral high ground.
I've worked in tech 25+ years, I don't support my family by working for free.

@CarlCravens Well, the day that money actually represents any amount of labor is the day I'm thankful for my job, but I don't see that coming any time soon. But go ahead and squeeze people for money. They're sure doing the same to you, thus why "developing software has a cost." Or to put it less poetically, I don't get to support my family, so be aware that you are privileged to do so, and don't give people a hard time just because they want their games to be fun.

@cy Imagine this said of your favorite restaurant. "Why don't they let me in the kitchen to help cook my meal." Why aren't the forcefully herded diners getting angry about being made to passively wait for their food?

@CarlCravens You underestimate how little I enjoy going out to eat in a restaurant.
But my point is they're being trained to be helpless, passive and dependent, so that's probably why they're starting to feel worthy of having nice things, without being able to do it themselves.

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