What is it with seeing so many resumes that list certifications and education _before_ job experience?

IMO, real job experience trumps education. Education was just there as a springboard.

Listing your education first when you have 6+ years of engineering experience is like saying

I attended spy school.

I am Her Majesty's most elite spy, and have prevented nuclear disaster, assassinations, theft of secrets of the Crown.

If you are James Bond, lead with that, not your education!

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@CarlCravens You're probably seeing resumes that lead with that because that's what your company selects for.

It would not surprise me if your company leads with education requirements in its listings.

@gamehawk I do career coaching for my team. This is what I try to get across to them. Tailor your resume to the listing. It amazes me that it's 2022 and they still think they can just have "A" resume. They don't believe me when I tell them they need a new resume every time they post for a job.

@whami @gamehawk I figured this out awhile back ... every resume I submit is unique.

@CarlCravens Some people just fill in a rèsumè template, possibly from the state jobservice office or left over the last educational institution they attended. That would be my guess.
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