I'm always baffled when someone with 12 years of experience and a master's degree in Computer Science applies for an early-career break-fix operations role.

It makes me question if our job description is inadequate.

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@CarlCravens I would expect it means they are very dissatisfied with their current job and / or employer and willing to take anything to escape.

@lnxw37a2 And what worries me about that is, they're going to be looking for another job that suits them better as soon as they get onto my team. So I see that impressive resume as a risk. I know my team is more or less a stepping-stone to better jobs, but I'd like them to spend a couple years on my team first.

@CarlCravens just projecting here, but times when i've considered applying for positions that would be lower than would be expected from my resume:

- when feeling very burnt out and/or high imposter syndrome
- when despairing about having to go work for another big tech, cr*pto or marketing company
- when hoping to get an "in" at a company i think i might like when i'm not confident i'd be competitive applying for a higher level position
- unhappy with dev and trying to get into ops

@pho4cexa There's a whiff of "tired of network security, want to get into systems" with this particular one. But the salary requirement is generally too high for someone who doesn't bring any systems experience to the table. And I get both of those... I used to do both systems and dev, swung heavily toward systems, then worried I couldn't go back to dev with my current salary. So I went into management. 😅

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