I think it's important to realize that a lot of the fediverse are in their 40' and 50's, and many of us were brought up with the idea that the f-word is offensive. We don't use it in casual everyday speech. I use it, but when I do, you know I'm angry.

If don't know you, and you come at me with "f*** your idea" I will block you out of reflex, because I see that as intentional offense. Even though my millennial coworkers throw that word around casually every day.

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@CarlCravens I don’t know if it’s an age thing, I use it pretty casually but rarely directed at someone

@CarlCravens it's different when its an opener too

f*** as a form of emphasis on the lead in to a question is culturally regarded as calling someone a total fool for even having put an idea forth

"holy Hanna, that's f'n wild" is meant to emphasis solidarity

"what the f' is that about" is just calling someone out. aggressively no less

i think we are into people are *cks territory

(im a millennial and agree with parent post)

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