sysadmins: You ever do that thing where you write a very clever and elegant solution to a problem adjacent to someone else's software, only to have the maintainer of the software you're working with change everything and negate your elegant solution?

And your disappointment is less around "I have to solve this again" as "all my beautiful, clever work is nullified"?

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BackupPC changed the storage pool format with v4 and completely broke how I did offsite backups of just the most recent backups and there's just no easy fix. Have to throw out my backup scripts and start over.

Heck, I've got enough storage on my backup service... I could just sync the entire pool. But in a disaster, I'd have to download the whole 500GB pool to restore even one server. In the old scheme, I could download a single backup. Oof. Hopefully you'll find something that gets you the benefits the old method had.

@CarlCravens i try to only code against the API/CLI when i write big tools like that… when that’s not enough, i patch in the APIs i need and try to upstream those changes! benefits others and saves me from worrying about breaking upgrades like that.

@colin Not that kind of situation.

When you redesign the storage format, everything that touches it has to be redone, whether it's an official part of the tool or not.

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