I'm not sure you can really comprehend how box-shaped our skulls are until you shave your head with a razor blade. That compound curve above and behind the ears is a finicky to get a close shave on.

This is definitely one place that the "floating head" electric shavers have an advantage... they hug that curve well. The disadvantage being that they're rough on my scalp and I like the feeling of a good razor shave better.

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@CarlCravens 😍

mind if i ask a question?

i have an above the tie windsor ( and have had a specific question to ask someone...

i need an interactive humans insight thats actually used a de on their skull w/o ridiculous bloodshed

@kemonine Go ahead. I don't have trouble with cuts, but the 34C is a very "mild" razor (narrow blade gap). Which razor head do you have?

@CarlCravens open comb windsor head ; medium aggressive

for your head what order and zones do you setup? and can you do it w/o a mirror?

i also imagine a less aggressive blade/head combo would be wise too as the scalp is far more tender than pretty much anywhere else on the body. is this reasonably accurate?

@kemonine So my skin seems to be pretty tough... I "buff" (go over an area multiple times without more lather) a lot and don't get irritation. I _can_ do the back of my head without a mirror, but it requires feeling for areas I've missed with my off hand. I use a cheap 8" hand mirror and turn my back to the bathroom mirror. It makes it much easier to get the view I want than facing the big mirror, and the double-mirror means my motions aren't reversed.

@kemonine The hand-mirror trick, which I learned from a confident black woman on YouTube, _really_ changed how comfortable and consistent a shave I get in the back. It was a game-changer for me.

@CarlCravens nice

i really wish bald ran in my family ; its been a major improvement for me ; now i just gotta get more better when i want proper smooth

gonna have to block off some time on the weekends to learn a new skill

@kemonine As far as zones... there's not much hair on the top of my head, so I shave it once front to back, stopping before I get to the downward curve. I shave the sides downward to just behind my ear. Then I switch to the hand-mirror, shave just the curve at the top, careful to follow the contour, then shave the rest downward. Then I re-lather the back and shave sideways, from the ear to the center. This is mostly to avoid vertical areas I may have missed, not for a closer shave.

@CarlCravens perfect. this is what i was hoping to learn

much appreciated


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