I'm beginning to think radio of the 70's and 80's, being a faceless format, did a disservice to people of color, because even now I'm discovering songs I like were written and sung by PoC and I had no idea.

And I think this is why promoting awareness in our media today... highlighting that these writers, illustrators, producers, etc... are not-white is a good thing. We see performers, but we don't see all the people behind the scenes and it's easy to assume they're all white.

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@CarlCravens That may be true. In Los Angeles, we had Black oriented stations and Hispanic oriented Spanish language radio stations, primarily AM, but that may not have been true elsewhere, and even then, the DJs and the music acts may not have been the same background as their listeners.

I think what I'm liking is that people outside the ethnic zones are starting to listen to artists of other backgrounds. When I recall that BET formed because MTV did not play Black artists except Michael Jackson, that is a big step forward.


We see performers, but we don’t see all the people behind the scenes and it’s easy to assume they’re all white.

so you have a bad heuristic in your head. i’m not sure what you use this heuristic for, but if it’s important that it be accurate, there are at least two options:

take responsibility for your own heuristics: do the dirty work and search “what’s the racial breakdown of the top 100 disco artists”, etc.
outsource responsibility for your heuristics: request that everyone around you represent themselves equally in every form of media you consume as part of your heuristics forming processes.

if you were misrepresented in my heuristics, would you really want to go out of your way to correct that for me? or might you be inclined to think “your heuristics are your problem: why are you forcing me to pick up your slack?”

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