The spinner hard drive behind my home backup system started making noise and vibrating enough in its dock to shake the desk. I guess it's time to replace it... going for an SSD.

If it weren't for the 6TB "MEGABACKUP" drive my wife got for music, photos and generations of minecraft server backups (that minecraft map is an absolute unit), this would be the last spinner on my desk.

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@CarlCravens i was just contemplating a couple of 3gb drives that are nearing the 5 year mark and wondering if SSDs make money sense at that size yet...

@brennen Yeah, I looked at a 2TB SSD and it's more than double the cost of the 1TB, so I stuck at that level. This is why the "megabackup" is a spinner... 6TB was out of my range in SSD.

@CarlCravens yeah, that probably tells me all i need to know - one final(?) generation of spinning rust it is, i'm guessing.

@CarlCravens Keep in mind that when an SSD fails, it. usually does so immediately and catastrophically. Spinners at least give indications over days to months before failure, giving you time to evacuate.

@neglesaks I have an off-site backup in addition to the on-site.

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