I would like it if devs would quit using the name of the programming language to name projects...
pyfoo, gobar, etc.

I think this got started with the mission to rewrite every Perl script in Python, and the only differentiator was the new language, and it was important for the holy mission to make it clear that this was the new, better, Python-based version, not that old and busted Perl version.

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@CarlCravens @seth in most cases I think differentiation between scripting language and binaries is useful. However, only the project owners care if it's ruby or python, or go or rust

There an exception for python 2.7 and 3.x, as there are breaking changes in the language, which aren't backwards compatible it should be clear whether using the deprecated version or not.

@CarlCravens There's a lot of that when Python modules wrap a C/C++ library too, isn't there? Buy yeah, naming is one of the hard problems in computering, so it's easier to be lazy... I mean better to be *efficient* about it. 😆

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