You ever think about how valuable rope must be in a pre-industrial society, yet everyone in movies cuts it like it's disposable? Stranded on an island, only one rope in your whole world? Cut it to free the prisoner.

It drives me crazy. I've spliced rope before... it's a lot of work. I've made rope... it's a lot of work, and I started with pre-made fiber strands. Stop cutting rope like it grows on trees!

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@CarlCravens remember how when Sam and Frodo are going to Mordor Sam is so upset about having to leave the rope behind after they get down a cliff! (But it unties itself because Elf Magic.)

@nev Tolkien knew the importance of a good rope, for sure.

@CarlCravens In movies they DO grow on trees! How many times have I seen this:

Hero needs rope

Looks around for 2 seconds, spies a vine dangling from nearby tree/tower/cliff

Gives vine one good yank (never needs more than one) to detach it

Instant rope!

@klaatu Haha... that did cross my mind when I wrote that!

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