I know I'm not owed anything, but it's frustrating when:

I discover a new comic.
I follow this comic for 7 years.
Writer gets dream job, artist gets dream job, comic takes "a little break".
Comic officially goes on hiatus, but we're promised it will continue.
2 years pass, no communication from creators, I terminate my Patreon support.
2 more years pass, still no communication from creators.
RSS feed gets weird and I get 4-year-old posts, reminding me it's dead.

This happens so often.


But, you know, Kukuburi went on hiatus for 8 years and then suddenly came back. So I never drop these comics from my RSS reader... I just keep polling the silent feed for year, after year, after year.

(Sadly, Kukuburi went silent again in Feb 2020.)

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