Searching for a new phone, I have become convinced that the number of cameras is the new "megapixels".

@CarlCravens When I was buying my latest, I was enamored with the Google Pixel 6 Pro because of the optical zoom on one of the cameras. Ultimately I decided that wasn't worth the $300 difference and went with the standard Pixel 6 instead. In reality there has been under a half dozen instances in the past 5 years where I thought really need a better zoom. That's not enough to justify the price hike.


@whami I haven't paid over $170 for a phone, as I'm really cheap and don't demand a lot out of the hardware, but even considering going up to $300, I'm struggling to find something suitable. I'd really consider the Pixel 5a, at $450, if it weren't so near the end of it's OS update life.

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@whami My real struggle is phones going out of security support long before the hardware is inadequate, forcing me to upgrade. And in this case, my 4G LTE phone secretly using 3G for voice, and at&t is retiring that network, forcing me even harder.

@CarlCravens The OS support commitment is why I went with the Pixel this time.

@whami The Nokia's are part of Android One, to which has the same 2 year OS, 3 year security updates, but that means looking for a very recent model to get the most value. They are also nearly stock Android, which is another strong requirement. Nokia shifted to 720p screens on their mid-range phones, and I'm used to the higher resolution. So you can see why a Pixel is attractive. But I can't pay more for a phone then I ever have for a desktop. 😂

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