want to buy: training for my entire company on how to end a meeting.

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@CarlCravens I want a Zoom feature that force closes a meeting at a pre-specified time.

@CarlCravens @whami Get your employer to not pay for zoom! That feature will exist! And it's only 45 minutes!

@silverwizard @CarlCravens I want it configurable. I have product design sessions that last 2 hours, but a team touch-base that's 10 minutes.

@whami So Google Calendar has a feature where it buffers meetings... select an hour at 2pm, it will say the meeting is 50 minutes long and ends at 2:50pm. That never stops people from running the meeting all the way to 3.

I have 6.5 hours of meetings scheduled today. I wasn't able to take a lunch break until 2pm. I could _really_ use those 5- or 10-minute breaks between meetings.

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