Here we are, 671 days since I began working from home due to the pandemic and I finally ordered a proper low-profile "telephone" headset for 'zoom' meetings. It's frustrating seeing people wearing headphones all the time, dealing with mics that are not close to the speaker's mouth, etc. So I figured I'd be the change I want to see.

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@CarlCravens My problem are the ones who sound like they have the mic inside their left cheek. :)

@CarlCravens I did this last week. Mostly because my boss coached me that the inline mic on the earbud style earphones I was using makes really loud scratching noises as it rubs on my shirt. And I'm a fidgeter, so it happens a lot.

I'm already regretting that I got a wired headset, especially since I was expensing it.

@whami I got wired because I'm used to it and I've seen too many coworkers fussing with wireless connections mid-meeting. There have been times I wanted to get up from my desk without removing my headphones though.

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