I just realized that TikTok has completely undone years of work convincing people that vertical video is a bad thing.

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@CarlCravens It's nice not having to rotate the phone though. I find that I also prefer games that don't require rotation.

@dmoonfire And there's some good argument for "I'm watching it on my phone, so vertical is the correct choice." It only gets problematic when you want to take it to youtube or the TV, where it's assumed everything is in a horizontal format.

@CarlCravens Yeah, plus I still want to standardize all of my screens on the 19:6 ratio at home because it makes life so much easier to switch devices. But nooooo... everything has to do something differently.

Then again, I already lost Partner to TikTok, I'm not going after them. I have enough endless attention sinks in my life.

@dmoonfire I'm very careful about TikTok. Few follows, avoid just browsing.

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