Part of me misses working in the office. It gets quickly beat up and stuffed in a closet by the part of me that remembers 6 hours and $18 a week lost to taking the train into the city.

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@CarlCravens For me, I like the forced concentration at work, but the monitor is too small for my vision problems and they won't replace the keyboard as fast as I break them.

@CarlCravens I'm really hard on keyboards for some reason, membrane ones flat out fail in about six months.

@dmoonfire For me, the office is hard on concentration... overcrowded (though the building next door will help when remodeling is done), glass walls so I can see everyone on the floor, people walking behind me and looking over my shoulder (my back to the open area where conference rooms are), can't control the temperature, etc. I have ADD and I'm uncomfortable with a lot of people around, watching me work. Having an office to myself at home is way better.

@CarlCravens I can relate, but I really mis the real human contact.

@kamme That's the conflict for me. I don't want human contact all the time, but it'd be nice to have _some_. Lunch once a week, something like that. But even then... it's two hours of commute just for lunch. I'll do it once in awhile, but I'm still likely to spend half the day working from home anyway.

@CarlCravens Same, not all the time but I definitely could use more than the none I have now. 2 Hours of commute a day does sound excessive. I’m lucky because my one-way commute isn’t even 15minutes, so I’m willing to endure that 2 or 3 times per week.

@CarlCravens i miss a couple of specific offices i used to work in, and i _really_ miss the mingled joy and struggle of a daily bike commute, but i have seen the kind of offices i would be required to work in now at tech companies, and blech.

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