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Thirsty Boi: I only play female characters, can we get some sexxy outfits?
Real Woman: It's an apocalypse, woman would wear practical clothes.
Ardent Defenders: Don't worry, The Fun Pimps would _never_ objectify women!
TFPs track record:
* Company named after sex trafficker.
* Named businesses and perks in game with innuendo.
* Gave us topless dancer zombie.
* First thing to use jiggle physics: boobs.



Now, to their credit:

They removed the topless dancer.

When the reworked the death animations, they made it so the female zombies stopped falling with their legs spread and the player looking up their skirt every darn time.

But it occurs to me... every female zombie wears a skirt or dress.

Oh, forgot to add the Sexy Nurse zombie. She used to be a source of medical gear, so the idea was she was a real nurse, but she was totally Halloween Sexy Nurse.

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