My Slack pet peeve:

9:25 Fred: Hello Carl
9:26 Carl: Good morning!
[five minutes pass]
9:31 ... <Fred is typing>

Dang it, have what you need to say typed up _before_ you interrupt someone with your greeting. It's so frustrating sitting and watching that "<typing>", thinking any moment now you're going to hear what they have to say, and you spend five minutes doing nothing but waiting.

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@CarlCravens my wife has been recently ranting about one or two particular coworkers who do this despite requests not to, and it reached such a point of frustration that she now responds with that link

and i forgot about it and saw it in my feed again recently

so it feels like this problem is happening to people more and more often, somehow haha

@CarlCravens I've been thinking for a while that the "<typing>" indicator thing is possibly an anti-feature. Chat is close to live, but not close enough. I'd rather treat it as asynchronous communication.

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