difficult parental relationship & shaving 

My dad and I didn't get along well starting in my teenage years. Years later I understood it was because he felt threatened by his adopted child surpassing him. He had to keep me in my place, keep me from getting uppity.
So then it baffled me why the images and smells of traditional shaving, shaving cream, aftershave, would make me think so fondly of him.


difficult parental relationship & shaving 

I realized this morning, it wasn't so much _him_ as the period in my life it reminded me of. The time before my parents divorced, before he started feeling threatened, before he started picking at me with little insults, and hit me when he thought I was going to hit him. The time in my life that I associate with him and traditional shaving was the time I felt safe with him and my family life felt secure. Before it all fell apart.

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