Sometimes shaving with an electric shaver feels like scrubbing whiskers off with a pumice stone. Not so much that it's uncomfortable, but just the scrubbing action, hoping that with each pass, more hairs will randomly slip into the little slots. I've been tempted to try a double-edge safety razor.

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@CarlCravens i've now gone most of the not-fully-bearded phases of my adult life just periodically grinding the stubble down with whatever cheap electric wahl product is ready to hand, and is it a good shave? it is absolutely not, but unlike every form of dragging-a-razor-across-face i have tried, it doesn't make my face hurt for days afterwards...

i wonder though. maybe the safety razor would be the magical secret. or paying a barber...

@brennen I did not shave my beard for over 30 years. Shaved down to a goatee because it worked better with a mask, and now I find I prefer it. After my baby-soft face got used to the shaver, it doesn't really irritate my face any more, but the electric shaver is frustrating... it misses hairs so easily and I have to go over certain areas many times. But I cut myself with my dad's safety razor when I was a kid and am nervous about trying one. (I also shave my head.)

@CarlCravens I use so-called disposable razors, the Bic double-blade or Gillette's cheapest double-blade called G-II or something.

I use each one 5-10 times and so I pay a few USD per year for them. They're better for me than any replaceable-head or ridiculous-number-of-blades ones I've used, largely because I prefer to decide the angle myself rather than have a wobbly head adjust itself wrong.

I had an electric one 20 years ago and after it broke I never got another one.
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