@jgoerzen You might be surprised at how many services and products I've chosen because you did all the heavy lifting for me. It helped that we sat in the same office for a few years, but it still keeps happening.

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@CarlCravens Glad to have helped! Out of curiosity, what other products/services are you thinking of? Yes, the pandemic has had me adjusting my backup habits also. I arranged a drive swap thing with my parents: I have a drive there, they have one here, and the two housholds back up to each other over the Internet. Crude but effective, but neither has a big pipe and there are things I could do with a better connection.

@jgoerzen The big thing off the top of my head is Gandi as my registrar. (I was so sick of registrars saying they owned my domain and you'd researched the agreements to choose Gandi.) You were a big factor in my taking the leap to making Linux my primary desktop. It was because of work, but I still use BackupPC. But a lot of little hardware choices were because you'd done the research and bought something. Never convinced me to become a ham, though. 😆

@CarlCravens Well cool. And there's still time for ham radio 🙂 (Or other radio) LoRA is getting integrated into a lot of stuff now.

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