I've been typing on a MS Natural Ergo 4000 keyboard for 15 years, and I just switched to a Kinesis Freestyle Edge to get mechanical keys and separation and angle control (the keyboard is split into two parts joined by a cable).
I did not realize how years of typing on the same keyboard would affect moving to another. I keep missing home position. The backspace is slightly further away and keep hitting = instead of BS. The MS rows had a curve to them and this is straight. It feels unnatural.

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@CarlCravens That is one reason I keep harping about wanting a laptop with the full PC keyboard layout. I don't like the pain that comes from trying to adjust to the laptop arrangement (it hurts to squeeze myself down) but even the 17" don't use a full layout.

@CarlCravens And "fully modular" never includes custom keyboards to allow split, full, etc.

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