A Harvard Business Review recent manager tip of the day was about when to use email. The whole thing could be summarized as, "Only use email for one-way communication."
It's email really that dead? I realized that almost all of my email is one-way. I'm only subscribed to one discussion list, which might go a whole year without traffic. I used to run a RPG mailing list server with over 1000 subs. Now I don't even run a mail server at all.

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@CarlCravens I feel like my email use has dropped off pretty dramatically even just in the last few years

@CarlCravens Email is very alive in certain parts of the FOSS world. LKML being the obvious example, but I'm in a few other communities for which email is the primary method of communication. (Often with IRC on the side as well.)

I wish it were more common, but outside those communities... yep, most email that's addressed to me specifically is one-way these days.

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