As an old-school Unix admin, I've run my own mail server for 25+ years. Deliverability is becoming more of a problem for the tiny, independent MTA, and spam management is a continual burden, and I'm considering moving to a commercial mail service.

My initial choice is FastMail. I need multiple domains, several aliases, strong filtering capability, and would love to see delivery logs (which FastMail doesn't do).


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@CarlCravens fwiw, i've been on fastmail for several years and am generally happy with the service. reliable, easy config, i mostly use thunderbird and rarely open their webmail interface.

aliases are easy (and free), multiple domains likewise; multiple "real" accounts can get a bit pricey. spam mitigation seems to work well, but maybe gets a few more false positives than, say, gmail.

@CarlCravens I've used Fastmail for 3 years now and have been very pleased. I don't use any 3rd party local clients, only the web interface. I only have 1 domain.
The lack of encryption is the negative that I see referenced most often, followed by the fact that Australian privacy laws aren't the greatest. But living in the US, nearly every country's privacy laws are better than what I can expect domestically.

@CarlCravens The only issue I ever had was that one of the themes designed for accessibility was actually causing some information not to be visible. It was header type info, and not completely critical. I opened a ticket with them and it was resolved in a couple days.

@CarlCravens The filtering is relatively robust, although my needs may be less intense than yours.

@CarlCravens If you decide to go with them, here's my referral code. I only get like $0.50/month, so I'm cool if you don't use it, but it does get you 10% off.

@CarlCravens I use and have been quite happy with them. I reviewed them at and they do everything you're after except showing you logs. Plus they have some very strong crypto features.

@jgoerzen Since I avoid web clients and use gpg in my local client, I'm not worried about crypto on the provider. I switched to Fastmail this morning.
It's a little weird not running my own mail server for the first time in forever.

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