They used to tell you,
"Don't 'unsubscribe' from spam, it only verifies your address is valid."

But now days, that's less true... so much spam is just businesses adding you to their mailing lists without opt-in. Especially on my work account, where I get so much "business-to-business" stuff. I just unsubscribe.

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@CarlCravens Interesting how "business relationship" keeps getting expanded to becoming BFFs with companies.

Only a handful have graduated to the "I am reporting your email to abuse@ your mail provider".

@craigmaloney It's like every business thinks they're the center of the universe. I don't have time for that many BFFs, even if I really do like and want to go out of my way to support the business.

Went to a new dentist. Before I got home, I'd gotten a text message from their brand-management company asking me to review them on Google. I like this dentist, but this stuff feels really pushy when *everyone* is doing it.

@CarlCravens yeah, most people load images by default which basically guarantees address validation for the scammer anyway

As junk mail detection has improved I'm getting fewer and fewer ads for cheap Viagra and wire transfer scams because some schmuck sold my email address to some other schmuck, so yeah all that's left is "you must be added to our mailing list to continue this business transaction" fallout. Which yeah, respects Unsubscribe requests after the first two or three attempts, usually.

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