It must be tough living in MacBook land, where your choices are so limited... "MBP 2015 was the last really good MacBook. Holding off upgrading, hoping they release something better this year."

I have never understood tech people's attraction to Macs, especially when they work on Linux in their job. The hardware is expensive, there is almost no selection, and all your eggs are in one basket.

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As a non-Mac person who bought an Air to see if it’s any good, my main pros are:

1. Unix out of the box with first-class support.
2. Really good I-don’t-need-to-bring-a-charger battery life.
3. Completely seamless sleep/hibernate. As in, I close the lid and put it in my bag, then take it out and open it later and I’m back where I was with no steps or (significant) delay.
4. Small and light.
5. Tolerable trackpad.

Also: pretty!


There are a few downsides but they can be worked around in a one-and-done sort of way, especially if you don’t upgrade the OS.

Also, if you develop, it pays to stick to free Unix tools and APIs.

I.e. treat it as a BSD with some extra crap that you can ignore most of the time.

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