Command shell thoughts. Ever think about how when you start with a fresh shell, your cursor is at the top line. Then as you work, your focus moves down the screen until you're working on the last line. But you clear the screen and it starts over. You can see the legacy reason it does this (hardware terminals), but why does it still do this today? Why not have clear-screen reset to the bottom line?
alias clear='clear;tput cup $LINES 0'
If only I could get ^L to do this too.


FWIW, I've been using that alias for over 20 years. People I'm tutoring ask why I bother typing `clear` instead of using ^L. And I'm like, "Let me tell you a story." 😆

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@CarlCravens oh, that's clever.

on thinking about it, i don't know whether it would work better for me or not, but it's sort of striking that i never really thought about it until now.

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