I find I need a constant stream of survival games, which have become my favorite genre, because at least half the draw is learning how everything works. Once you've figured out a semi-optimal progression path, it can become way less interesting, especially if there is no challenge beyond survival, or the core of the game was a mystery you've already uncovered.

Case in point: The Forest. I love that game a lot, but it's trivial now because I know all the safe choices. To make it a challenge, I have to make sub-optimal choices. (Having to do with where to sleep and how to build a base the enemies can't reach. And it's not even cheese, it's just the enemy can't swim.)

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I think the real problem comes when the challenge is learning the mechanics, but the game is no longer challenging after you have. I think The Long Dark may fix this, but I can't stay alive long enough to learn the game. It's a brutal, pure survival game, where you can start freezing to death minutes after the game starts. It also involves a lot of boring "sitting by the fire waiting for dawn, hoping you don't starve first."

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@CarlCravens Yeah, waiting around hoping you don't freeze isn't great, but can't you rest while near a fire?

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