When a systems engineer or a developer says something is "hard" they don't mean it can't be done. They mean it's going to be expensive.

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@dmoonfire Something your engineer doesn't want to do is going to be expensive, but in a different way.
But if an engineer is saying something is hard and can't be done because they don't want to do it, that's an engineer I no longer need on my team.

@CarlCravens I agree 100%. I happen to come in a lot to fix problems, so I have project leads says "that can't be done" when they meant they don't want to do it.

So I've spent years telling BAs, "it can be done, it's hard but doable" and then, if they really need it, figure out how hard and doable it is.

We are coders, nothing is impossible. We just sometimes have to refactor the entire code base to make it happen. :D

(Also, since I'm only architect/lead now, I can't get rid of developers.)

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