At that stage where I need a to-do app again for work, and I'm like, "I don't want to learn a new app or relearn emacs' org-mode right now" so I'm using Google Sheets. But of course, I can't use a spreadsheet "raw" and I keep tweaking it to be more useful. I should just relearn org-mode. Or that command-line app my wife has been using.

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@CarlCravens I went through that about every six months but I seemed to have consolidated on a Nextcloud Tasks application, 2Do on my Android, and a (fragile) CLI to add items from the prompt. Plus a small library to parse the iCalendar file to give me a summary from the prompt.

My own complaint is Nextcloud and 2Do don't always agree on subtasks, which I use heavily.

@dmoonfire When I was heavily into a shared todo, I liked Toodledo. For personal, I heavily used emacs org-mode, but it lacked mobile, and I was pushed into moving into a shared todo years ago and have forgotten how to use it.
Taskwarrior looks like it meets my needs well, and my wife likes it.

@CarlCravens Taskwarrior didn't work for the three months I gave it, but I'm glad it worked for you. It is a very nice platform and I have recommended it before.

I'm a strong believer in finding what works for you. One of these reasons I don't believe a One True Way for anything, even mine.

@dmoonfire That was the hard part about being pushed into a team task tool... I had a system that more or less worked for me, and then it's disrupted by trying to adapt to everyone else's idea about how another tool should work. It was a mess.
I track my JIRA tickets in my todo system, because JIRA is a terrible task manager, and I want a personal task list that isn't in JIRA.

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