I purchased a pair of BOLTUNE bluetooth headphones from Amazon 9 months ago, and left a 3-star review because I feel the product is flawed. The company has been harassing me for the last 8 months, trying to bribe me with product or gift cards to delete or edit the review.
I have reported them to Amazon. I attempted to change my review to indicate this harassment, but Amazon did not approve it.
Eight months of as often as _weekly_ emails from differing gmail addresses.

I'm at a loss.

@CarlCravens Post a comment to your review noting that this company is trying to get you to delete the review, so clearly there's something wrong with this product.

@craigmaloney Huh... I didn't think about commenting on my review. I just tried to update the review itself, which didn't get approved. 🤔

@CarlCravens Well, if your comment gets removed then you'll know it's something much deeper and darker going on.

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