Should primary education require students to learn an instrument (aka guitar, high school band, etc)


An open question is to what extent the cognitive benefits of learning music justify its mandatory inclusion in an educational programme.

After all, we teach kids algebra, and many of them loathe every second of it. We still do it.


@jankoekepan That's essentially the question I'm asking... is it off benefit? I think it has benefits, but are they the kind school should focus on? Middle school had a mandatory two years of band, two years of choir, and I don't think it did much for my desire to learn an instrument as an adult... but it did teach me to read music, which was an advantage.

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@CarlCravens The neuropsychological studies strongly suggest that it is beneficial.

If the school is intended to strengthen the minds of children, then it is a plausible way of doing so, as part of a broad curriculum.

But is it the one with the best bang per buck? I haven's seen the budgets.

If I were to plan a curriculum for excellence, music would be in. If I were to plan a curriculum for adequacy, I'd tell people to do what they felt like, and do something else with my life.

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