I've gotten to where I use my browser bookmarks less and less. I just have a really deep history (months-long) and depend on the browser just remembering where I've been... if I haven't been there in a year and didn't make a bookmark, it probably isn't important.
This wasn't intentional, it just kind of happened. Would this work as an intentional strategy... just clean out all the old bookmarks and see how it goes? I have 3094 bookmarks, a huge number of which are dead or irrelevant.


One of my thoughts on this is that I'd had a lot of hobbies that I haven't done in a long time, and I collected a lot of links to go with them... if I ever decide to revisit one of those hobbies, so many of those links are going to be dead or info is going to be outdated, etc. It'll be easier to just start over with a google search than to sort through all my links to stuff.
We're talking links going back nearly 20 years... that's a lot of old cruft.

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