No, , I _don't_ want you to route DNS lookups through your own infrastructure... my personal, private, secure DNS resolver can handle them just fine.
It really scares me that DNS resolution is trying to become very centralized to a few points in the name of "security", and browser developers want to bypass normal DNS servers by doing DNS over HTTP (bypassing firewalls, etc).

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@CarlCravens this is a really interesting dilemma. I generally trust #mozilla but I want to have the option to choose an alternate. Is it opt out?

@Argus Yeah, the pop-up telling about it has a disable button. Glad they didn't turn that on silently.

@CarlCravens it weirds me well and truly out that this is in the class of things i'm expected to find not that worrisome, really.

@brennen It doesn't really worry me so much as I see it as part of a continual erosion. If ISPs didn't do janky things with DNS, this movement to centralize DNS resolution into "trusted" silos. But I don't trust Google, CloudFlare or even Mozilla not to use the data of what I look up for their own purposes. But then, I'm an old-school Unix guy and I've run my own resolvers forever, so no big deal. I just don't want someone hijacking that.

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