Okay, I've intellectually understood that there are introverts (me) and extroverts. But this isolation is driving home for me just how much some people need human contact... I've not left the house in two weeks. This is not a big deal. Extroverts? They've been isolated for less than half that time and they're using video calls to meet up for drinks, go on double-dates, trying to maintain some kind of video face-to-face social life. I'm like, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind getting out eventually."

@CarlCravens Yeah, it's more of a "I think I'm supposed to crave other human contact, I guess?" thing for me.

@CarlCravens I am some hybrid of extrovert and introvert, meaning that I need a lot of alone time, and also to see people.

And I smashed from too much one of one, to too much of the other, and I hate how short of a time it takes for me to switch which I need.

@CarlCravens Yep! I'm going bonkers and trying to schedule online RPGs, and meanwhile my wife is having a grand old time not having any social obligations. Enjoy your time to shine, introverts! I genuinely hope it's a lovely time recharging in what is otherwise a very high-touch world!

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