So I recently bought a pair of "cordless" earbuds, having been frustrated with how the cord of my last wireless corded pair kept pulling them out of my ears, and I gotta ask... does _anybody_ find cordless to be more convenient? I gotta carry around a case for them, when they fall out of my ears they end up on the ground, I can't just drape them around my neck when someone wants to talk. All of my fears turned out to be true... who actually thinks these are a good idea for general use?

@CarlCravens I know someone who was a sceptic and now swears by them.
I don't understand how, but they don't fall out.

@malin I think it's gotta be ones that just fit your ear well. These are relatively cheap and kind of heavy, and their stems are just shorter than most I've had.

@CarlCravens I find wireless ear*phones* more convenient by far (ESPECIALLY when snow shoveling) but not ear*buds*

@silverwizard Oh, I have a pair of wireless headphones I wear to watch TV, and not juggling a cord is great. Headphones can still go around your neck, don't fall off easily, etc. I've just always preferred earbuds for commuting... though I sure see a lot of headphones on the train and walking in the city.

@CarlCravens Ah, I always see headphones as better "I am busy" items
@CarlCravens There's a middle ground with a wireless collar with wired ear buds like this (first non-Amazon link, not an endorsement of this specific product):…
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