Wondering how long before the OED recognizes "sike" as an alternate spelling of "psych". :( When I see it, it still takes me a moment to figure out what they're saying.

@aldersprig @CarlCravens siked myself out by remembering the stream/rivulet definition, and now I'm worried that I've developed some kind of enpsychlopaedic knowledge of drainage ditch terminology.

Also weirdly on brand for me

@aldersprig @achadwick "sike" is a stream or ditch. "psych" is short for "psyched you out" as in "psychology".

I did not know a sike was a stream or ditch

(When I was a teenager, it was the preferred misspelling for psyching one out, as I was discussing at the top of this thread.)

Ah, I see I misread your original post - I thought you were describing the definitional difference between stream & rivulet.

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