TIL: If you're losing a conversation on Reddit, start your final rebuttal with, "Whoopdee freaking do," and then say that the other person's point is just irrelevant and not worth addressing. That'll teach 'em.

(Hint: If you're "losing" on Reddit, you're taking the wrong approach to reasoned discussion.)


@CarlCravens after 6 or 7 years on reddit, i came to the conclusion that the entire site is kind of an engine for stoking the wrong approach to reasoned discussion and i stopped commenting there for good.

(there's still great material there, i'm sure, but overall i kept winding up in the kind of conversations people think they're winning/losing and hating myself for it.)



@brennen I'm there mostly for video game communities, and so far it's been worth the price. But I've learned to choose where to place my comments carefully. All it takes is one jerk.

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