Rereading Harry Potter and one thing that strikes me... they're essentially mysteries, but the clues just aren't there. There's lots of misdirection, but there isn't enough information for the reader to figure out what's really going on. Is that intentional? Wanting the big reveal to be a surprise the reader didn't see coming, so the lack of clues is on purpose? I suspect so.

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@CarlCravens from what little I know of the books, it has often puzzled me why harry is the central character. He seems pretty obviously the least interesting character. Or maybe it's just me.

@klaatu Hm. Harry works as a lens through which we see the culture and events of the wizarding world. Because he was raised in Muggle society, everyone has to explain the most basic things to him. None of the main characters are terribly interesting on their own, really... the synergy of Harry, Hermione and Ron is very important to making it work.

@klaatu I also believe that Harry is, to an extent, an Everyman character so the reader can better identify with him and all the things that unjustly happen to him. "Harry is not in control of his life" is a running theme, which I expect appeals to tweens, who also feel that way.

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