@gamehawk So funny/sad to watch a new generation believe they have it all figured out and previous generations are all messed up.

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@CarlCravens @gamehawk Being born before 1964, I remember when some people in my generation thought we would fix all the previous generations' messes. By the time the tail end graduated high school, I think that had pretty much evaporated.

(Side note: Not since at least World War I has there been a 16-25 year slice where people are alike enough that the ssme label describes the groups as a whole. Generationalism is as false as other isms.)

@lnxw37a2 @CarlCravens Yeah, the Boomer generation is the only real-ish one (just because the term was coined to describe the effects of such a large cohort; most of the traits ascribed to them now are unrelated).

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