I dislike this "quick survey" trend of "How likely are you to recommend?" then "Please tell us the reason for your score." I mean, just because I feel an 8 for your business doesn't mean I want to dig into and articulate *why* I feel that way. That's just lazy survey design and is asking too much of customers who see survey requests practically every day.

@CarlCravens Iirc the "How likely..." and follow-up "Why" questions are the standard two for the NPS business meme ( I've had to implement it a few times. I suppose it's at least better than a longer, more-annoying satisfaction survey that even fewer people will complete.

@kkuchta The "why" is easier to answer on a negative response. But I tend to think a written positive response is going to receive way less time than I put into it, so why take the time? Especially when this company will ask me to take the same survey every 3 months.

@kkuchta Having read that wikipedia article, my answers will forever be tainted knowing that I must answer 9 or 10 to be considered a "promoter". 😆

@CarlCravens Haha- yep. I wonder if NPSs targeting web developers are noticeably skewed if a significant portion of respondents are familiar with NPS.

At my last gig (a mental health company), we ran into problems with the wording. "Would you recommend X to a friend?" -> "Well, no- I don't want my friends to know I'm struggling with a mental health issue."

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