reCaptcha: Please select all bicycles.
me: selects all bicycles
reCaptcha: all of them, please
me: selects motorcycle
reCaptcha: you may pass

ssl cert inSANity with DigiCert 

Wishing we could change this "Your lunch hour is for learning for your job" culture that's developed around me.
Lunch is for getting away and decompressing. If I go to a lunch-and-learn, I take a real lunch break after.

I never notice how much my front porch concrete is stained by moss until Amazon delivery folks send me a picture of it.

Some days the only sensible, rational, and reasonable thing to do is bake some goddamn brownies.

I knew nothing about all this and had it described to me at computer camp in middle school in the early 80's. Just based on the description, I went home to my small and ordered the Basic Set from the Sears catalog store.

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Reading about the anti-D&D sentiment and all the negative publicity in the 80s. It's ironic that the events Mazes & Monsters was inspired by caused D&D's sales to skyrocket. All of the negative publicity of the 80's seems to have just created awareness that it existed. Plenty of parents wouldn't let their kids play it, but that didn't stop the bad publicity from driving more people to discover it.

DRM is one of the real killers for new platforms. Paying customers can’t access services like Netflix or Hulu on their devices. They can’t even read their books on them.

DRM is anti-competitive and anti-consumer.

One of those on-call weekends where Monday I thought I'd start 3 hours late and end 3 hours early. Started 2 hours late and I'm on track for _maybe_ ending at my usual time. Why do I get the stuff that needs babysitting?


(yeah, they're all awful platforms, hold your nose and choose one though IG doesn't thread past years and Twitter has DMCA'd the 2017 one 😠)

I love how many different emoji our work slack has to say "thank you".

I have set a new personal record in paging other on-calls during an incident. 3 pages, plus one after-midnight slack drive-by.

Monday I'm going to have words with the folks who rolled out a major production change on a Friday afternoon.

-- The guy who is up at 1am trying to figure out why it's broke.

Gearing up to run a fully-online D&D game. Wondering just how many screens I can get going at once.

One of those days where I set out to renew a couple SSL certs real quick, and it ate most of my day for a combination of stupid reasons. 🙄

You need a macro / short-cut to look up IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from a DB.
Which type of admin/dev are you? You name them something like 'lookup_[foo]' with which pattern...

Adds "perfect poops" to keyword list in spam filter.

The joy of being the on-call, and what you hoped would be a heads-down afternoon of fixing bugs turns into a frustrating mess of figuring out it was really a network problem.

It's mid-September, 52 degrees outside, 68 in my office, and already I'm tired of being cold.

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