People joke about "crafter's ADD" but crafting with *real* AD[H]D is a thing (and some of the people who self-deprecatingly joke about it probably have the real deal). I blogged about it a little here:

There's some irony in reading Dickens on a Kindle.

TIL the author of Stuart Little, Charlotte's Web, The Trumpet of the Swan, and half of Strunk & White were the same guy. I guess as a kid, I never paid attention to author's names.

You ever look at joining an online community and find they have an AUP, a Code of Conduct, a FAQ, a supplement to the AUP and CoC several times longer than the CoC itself where the longest section is "'Religious' topics are forbidden" which goes into great detail, and then an application process... and think, "If they need this many rules, this isn't for me..."?

I get that CoC's are how the world works now, but reading literally 7000+ words of how to behave before I can join a group?

Try to have a thoughtful conversation on Reddit. Every response is telling you why you're thoughts are irrelevant and trying to shut the conversation down. :|

So, if I quit reading a comic strip because the artist occasionally runs sponsored strips that are basically advertisements and not really funny... should I tell the artist of my decision, or just quietly walk away?

Nothing quite like getting a new phone and finding one of your most used apps is unsupported and has been removed from the app store. 😱

I still have trouble with people calling me an "engineer".

One of the weird things about reading long-form web comics is the sense of time. It's been just short of 4 years since Sleepless Domain started. And a bit in the strip just reminded us that only "about a week" has passed since the opening events of the comic. But the time dilation of 3 pages a week makes it feel like so much time must have passed in the story.

Why is it, on certain Reddit communities, it seems like every time I post, someone has to "correct" me. As in, they're providing supplemental information that wasn't necessary, but phrasing it as if what I said was wrong. Every dang time. And every time, I look at it and think, "This is how stupid internet arguments start." and I just leave it alone.

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Ramses: <sharpens claws on carpet>

Carl: "That's not your scratching post!" <scritches fingernails on giant kitty-condo>

Ramses: <runs behind kitty condo and sharpens claws on carpet>

Carl: "No! *This* is your scratching post!" <puts Ramses on condo platform>

Ramses: <reaches past sisal column, sharpens claws on fabric back of adjacent office chair>

Cats, man.

Task managers manage mostly to remind you of all the things in life you've failed to complete, each of them by definition items you've never felt like doing.

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Why are they called the "Squid Sisters" if they're only cousins?

Having transported and stored a MendleMax 1.5 (RepRap-derivative) 3d printer, with many 3d-printed parts, I can see why the MM 3 relied on so much fewer printed parts. Did not expect to have to repair the machine before I could use it again.

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