I just realized (thanks to the comic The Devil's Panties, which is not about Satanic underwear) that this hand gesture doesn't mean "telephone" to at least a whole generation.

Thing I find most unrealistic about The Beverly Hillbillies? That no city slicker swindled uncle Jed out of his oil claim.

Some sources point to today being the MS-DOS 5 release date, so happy 30th birthday to EDIT.COM, QBasic, HIMEM.SYS, Nibbles, Gorillas, DOS Shell, and DOS=HIGH, UMB! 🎉🎂🎈🥂

First time back to the office since last March. Of course the train left the platform as I reached it.

*checks watch*

Oh right, right, NYC mayoral debate is happening now isn't it

That feeling when you trial an online app, it doesn't meet your needs, but the sales guy won't quit pestering you, and you come right out and tell him your spreadsheet does a better job than their app.

I’m not the first person to remark on this but the fact of it is that the orc’s enthusiastically shouting “meat’s back on the menu boys” in the third Lord Of The Rings movie implies that hidden somewhere in the background of the first two movies is a vegetarian orc restaurant franchise with a despondent clientele and I will never stop finding that mental image hilarious.

So we used to use rsync.net at my last job and it worked pretty well, so I'm biting the bullet and deciding to pay for off-site backup again (vs schlepping a hard drive somewhere every week).
One of the things I loved about rsync.net is that you just get ssh access to a big file system... you can get files onto it any way you want if it can be done by ssh/rsync. Apparently you can even run a few commands on their side (like git pull). This is my kind of service... no custom clients, etc. 👍

Sometimes shaving with an electric shaver feels like scrubbing whiskers off with a pumice stone. Not so much that it's uncomfortable, but just the scrubbing action, hoping that with each pass, more hairs will randomly slip into the little slots. I've been tempted to try a double-edge safety razor.

@jgoerzen You might be surprised at how many services and products I've chosen because you did all the heavy lifting for me. It helped that we sat in the same office for a few years, but it still keeps happening.

When creating a new online service, one of the first things you should be thinking about while writing account creation code is account _deletion_ code. Sometimes customers leave, and they don't want an old account sitting around waiting to be compromised.

when considering how a generation of kids basically taught themselves to program, the role of magazines containing smudgy, unclear, error-strewn listings of computer programs that needed to be typed in and debugged by hand should probably not be underestimated

I think the dumbest thing in modern web design is a "smart" javascript form that cannot accept a phone number with dashes in it.

Why are emacs' alignment tools so difficult and cumbersome to use? Most of them seem to have no effect on plain text, and the ones that do require messy regex.

I will literally copy-paste into `cat |column -t` and paste back into emacs to get what I want faster than I can coax emacs into aligning a bunch of text into columns.

I really should just write my own function to do that in emacs. :|

One of the weirdest things about having a split keyboard where the spacebar is a separate key on each side... pressing space with one thumb and not feeling it move with the other.

When new employees come in, our HR software asks them profile questions, including "What is your favorite book/movie/band?" and those questions always get me. I don't have favorites... how can I pick just one thing to be better than all the others?

In the search for the "right" keyboard, I'm afraid I'm going to be one of those guys who ends up just designing my own. :|

I've been typing on a MS Natural Ergo 4000 keyboard for 15 years, and I just switched to a Kinesis Freestyle Edge to get mechanical keys and separation and angle control (the keyboard is split into two parts joined by a cable).
I did not realize how years of typing on the same keyboard would affect moving to another. I keep missing home position. The backspace is slightly further away and keep hitting = instead of BS. The MS rows had a curve to them and this is straight. It feels unnatural.

It's been two weeks since the (adult) kid got their second vaccination shot, so we had breakfast at our favorite diner this morning. It was pretty nice.

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