Some donuts do "2-day old" better than others. None do it well. 🍩

Random idea for a Mastodon tool you never realised you needed:

You've clicked on a user and you want to check out their timeline and it's 90% boosts and 10% of their own toots. So you click the magic *hide boosts* button under their profile menu and bam, now you can see what they actually have to say when they aren't supporting everyone else.

Is it an anti-pattern when every time an organization adopts a new domain-specific task tracking tool, someone has to track the "real" work in JIRA and copy results to the new tool?

Time to put up the ice dragon and make a book box for the felt cats for my mother-in-law's birthday. But first, a quick little Valentine's Day beanie dragon. πŸ’“πŸ‰

Wow, Garmin sure is proud of their map updates for GPS units, in this age of everyone carrying a real-time map in their pocket that updates for free.

Inherited a car with a Garmin Nuvi, maps are 5 years old, though it'd be nice to have current maps since it's there on the dash, even if I still use my phone for navigation. $50 one-time update. Sheesh.

RSS is still the backbone of podcasts no matter how much Apple likes to make people think any different.

me writing programming tools: we need to make it easier to code! liberate the code! make it accessible to all!

me debugging someone else's code: you should need to train for 10 years before you can even touch a text editor, and we need a central guild body that randomly audits members, and if your code quality is bad enough you are immediately executed

You: I think the coffee maker is broken.
Me: Boost the confinement beam.
You: What? That's not...
Me: Transfer auxiliary power to shields.
You: You can't just say random-
Me: Run a level three diagnostic on the deflector array.
You: (sobbing) Stop...
Me: Make it so.

whoever decided that we should stop sorting directories/folders to the top of listings, i am mad at you

Look at this little dragon curled up on its pile of gold. LOOK AT IT!

But Karen, you say, why would you buy one of @quietsnooze 's little dragons when you are making your own? BECAUSE NONE OF MINE HOLD DICE is why.

(yes it should properly be the polyhedrals but the Fudge dice were closer to hand)

I hate it when a company says, "Please take this survey, it will take only 1 minute." and the survey has two questions: "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?" and "Please write an essay explaining why you chose the previous answer." I just close the tab every time.

Sometimes, exclusion is as important to a community as inclusion. Yes, you want everyone to be welcome to play in your baseball league. But you don't want people playing soccer on your baseball diamond during your game. You're not excluding soccer players (the people) you're excluding soccer (the game). If the people don't want to play baseball, that's not exclusion, that's their decision to not participate in your community. Welcoming soccer is going to break your baseball game.

My sister-in-law puts weird things in my Christmas stocking.

Gotta say, Netflix' "The Christmas Chronicles" was surprisingly good. Kurt Russell makes a great Santa Claus.

Stupid TSA inspected my luggage, turned on my aging tablet and left it on, so the battery was dead when I arrived. :|

The tiny children in the back of the plane entertaining themselves by singing Christmas carols while we wait for takeoff are the cutest thing ever. OH MY GOSH ONE OF THEM IS SINGING I WANT A HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS I AM DEAD

(This subtoot is unrelated to the plumbing/disposal issues.)

You know, I'm a guy, and I find other guys trying to solve my problem when I just make a statement (not asking for help) really annoying. I can't imagine what it must be like for women.

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