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You know what, Norelco? This shaver works just fine while plugged in. I don't need to buy a new shaver.

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My last electric shaver lasted many, many years, through multiple blade replacements. My "new" shaver is five years old, has never had the blades replaced, and wont' hold a battery charge for long.
Norelco: Your shaver uses a custom-made battery, don't try replace them yourself!
Internet: Norelco shavers use standard 3.7v Li-ion batteries.
Norelco: Ah, but we soldered the batteries to the board!
Me: :|

What's the point of putting a "handle" on Pocky if the handle always breaks off?

Apparently Amazon thinks I buy too many sharp things.

(cw: many hands+sharp things)

You can still like The Lord of the Rings while acknowledging that Tolkein's fantasy is based on racist stereotypes. I promise it won't make your mithrill tarnish.

Who led the digital transformation on your company?


*not mine, but had to share :)

Why am I listening to music I associate with renn faires when all the faires are cancelled? Worse, it's music by a talented artist who doesn't play in public anymore, and from a faire I haven't been to in years because it's 1200 miles away. Lot of memories from that faire.

(Jem Moore, v. talented guy, after 15 albums, went off to be a professional pilot, then left that to do film. Seeing him play at KC Renn Fest was always a highlight for me.)

"I’m a potter fondling the next lump of freshly-scooped raw clay, convinced that this next piece will be my greatest triumph." - MW Lucas

When I throw a pot, I'm just trying to make it better than my last. (Literally.) I'm less into creating masterpieces as I am incrementally improving my work. But I create functional work that happens to (I hope) look good, not art for people to admire. I suppose that's similar to the divide between a tech book and a novel.

Fred Gwynne, the actor who played Herman Munster, also wrote and illustrated children's books.

When the module has methods for all public API end-points, but the previous developer used the generic api_call method (meant to be used for new end-points that haven't been incorporated into the module yet) for everything.

To day it occurred to me that a bowling alley and an indoor gun range have a lot common.

I swear, coming back to an app with a Docker build environment a year after the guy who developed it left the company, I spend more time just getting the Docker build to _work_ than I would just installing the 3 required Python modules. Still having trouble finding the time savings using Docker over just using a VM or developing directly on my laptop.

I'd like to teach folks using Debian to reach for `apt-get install <python-module>` before they use `pip install`. Maintenance is such a mess when you start reaching outside Debian stable.

So an ex-coworker whom I've worked with for years in two different jobs, 5 as his lead, asked me for a reference. Sure, no problem. I didn't know I was signing up to write an essay. It's a religious organization... they want me to vouch for his faith. They want me to fill out a ranking grid for 16 aspects, including his personal life... it's like an annual review! And it's been sitting unfinished for a week. :(

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I turned 52 and my mother still sends me a birthday card with money in it. I kind of figured she'd have quit that before I turned 30.

I think there's a kind of irony in how Band-Aid brand adhesive bandages now come in cardboard boxes (and have for some time), while novelty bandages come in the metal cans Band-Aid used to use.

Factorio (game) is finally getting its 1.0 release in mid-Aug, and the team is talking about promotion... sending free keys to youtubers, etc. The game has been extremely playable in beta for years (it felt "finished" to me at least 3 years ago), and I'm wondering if the team has unrealistic expectations about the sales that are going to roll in when the 1.0 release hits. I figure most everyone who would play it already bought it.

Will there ever come a time when everyone in every organization who wants a new domain name thinks, "I should do this through our IT department instead of just doing it myself? It'll save a lot of trouble that way."

I didn't think so.

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