The lighting situation in the front hall is not ideal but she was so smug about successfully hopping onto the slippery top of the tall scratching post.

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My coworkers say the f-word all the time, but someone is shocked that I wrote "tango-uniform"? (I mean, literally typed those exact words.)

Why Slack is superior to Discord for text chat:
Slack sorts πŸ‘ before πŸ‘Ž . Discord sorts alphabetically and makes it more likely you'll accidentally respond in the negative.

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Having trouble believing it's December already.
I don't even know how to feel about Christmas at this point.

bless every website that works perfectly fine without javascript

Thanksgiving morning in the US of A, and I'm hearing shotguns at the range.

@pagrus Are you in Philly? I work in Old City, or I do when working in an office is a thing. Live in Jersey, though.


the process for making a pot of beans:

1. i will not use too many dry beans this time. this is a reasonable and modest quantity of beans, which will in no way exceed present needs.

2. this is an absurd quantity of beans. oh my god.

Kinda struggling with the idea that a movie from the late 90's is over 20 years old. Time has sure moved on.

Game (and other software) developers... do not assume that the computer I play your game or use your software) on has access to my email account. I get your "verify account" email on my phone, and if you insist that verifying be able to reach the launcher, and won't let me closer the launcher because it didn't get the verification from the website reached from the email verification link... your shit's broke.

Make your website able to order without me having to drop my defenses for Privacy Badger and uBlock Origin challenge 2020.

And then discovering third parties _do_ make replacement parts and you could have just bought one on Amazon.

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Nothing like boycotting a major hardware store chain, and then finding your kitchen faucet is exclusive and you gotta buy parts from them, or spend 10x more for a new faucet elsewhere.

I went into my Firefox history, selected 52,000 entries (all of 2018 and a few older) and hit "delete". Been waiting more than ten minutes for it to come back. Firefox has a single core pegged. Just now, the count of selected items changed to 51.7k .

You say "procrastinating", but I hear "doing side quests".

Praising your coworkers is important. But insincere flattery is damaging.

Who knew that one of the biggest challenges of the modern pandemic would be to sync video streaming so people could watch TV together over a video call?

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