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Tech applying the sensor patch gave me extras and showed me how to apply it, saying the patch loses stickiness after a couple days.

Yeah, when you stick it to my chest hair instead of shaving it first, it doesn't stick well at all.

Fortunately it's just the edge of the patch and not the sensor area that is loose.


Happy Holter (heart) monitor day.

Gotta wear it for five days, probably won't get to shower unless it's a new water resistant model. But hopefully it'll tell the doc something to make decisions from.

I got M some of this and she is currently drinking water and blowing her nose while I go "WAS YOUR BURRITO TOO GAY?" 😆


It's interesting to me that the most expensive computer setup I've ever bought was my second one: a Laser 3000 (Apple IIe clone), floppy drive, monitor and dot-matrix printer.

In my early high school years (84?), my parents cosigned a loan for just over $1000. In 2022, this would be almost nearly $3000.

I have never spent $1000 on a single computer since, let alone $3000.

(My first computer was a TS 1000 on clearance for like $75. Over $200 in today's money.)

I feel like if there's one maxim that spans much of my career, it's Goodhart's Law.

"When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure."

Don't the people who write "on hold" phone systems realize that we just want to hear hold music until someone can answer? We don't need "please be patient, we are assisting other customers" or an ad for other services every 30 seconds.

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I don't drink much. I can enjoy the relaxation from a drink, rarely have more than one, but I got _really_ drunk once and spent the night in a stranger's house (friend of a friend) and I 100% did not like the feeling of not being in total control, and do not ever want to be that drunk again.

Then I read about people who _forget_ what they did when they get that drunk, and I just can't imagine. That would freak me out and think I'd swear off drinking forever.

Please save me from systemd-timesync. It only queries a _single_ server for time and that's "good enough"?

Thanks, but the server my work laptop is syncing to is running fast.

So apparently Chrome "advanced spellcheck" sends anything you type into web forms to a remote server for spellchecking.

Including password fields.

I'm sure this is okay.

Wondering how many times in my life a Firefox update has inserted the "Getting Started" bookmark back into my bookmarks toolbar.

And wondering how long it has taken me to notice each time.

I always have mixed feelings about a game that is good, but cost $15 for less than 3.5 hours of play (and that's counting letting all the credits play in case it triggered something).

There's no real replay value, the game is very linear and while moody and _almost_ emotional, a second play-through will be identical to the first.

But it _was_ a good 3.5 hours, I enjoyed it. I felt like it ended about the time it was getting started, though.


Second pizza weekend, my best-looking pizza so far.

Ironically, things rarely go wrong on my Windows machine, but the thought of having to fix something hangs over my head. I just want it to work.

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NPR just dubbed LARPing "costume camping."


Turning on the monitor to my gaming machine to find "Let's finish setting up your Windows device" always fills me with dread.

What might go wrong this time?

The worst meeting:

"You have successfully registered your pizza oven for the 3 year warranty. Do you want to subscribe to our tips and news email?"

Sure, why not?

Proceeds to receive _daily_ emails.

Why does everyone think that engagement has to be _daily_? I get why that happens on youtube... they have to keep views flowing to make the dollars. But I don't need a daily email about pizza and pizza hardware. :|

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