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Funniest thing I've run across this week... a serious article, on a respectable cooking site, about pepitas, where they spend quite a lot of space insisting that pepitas are not pumpkin seeds, but that they are the seeds of a hull-less variety of... pumpkin.

It's kind of ironic that modern grassroots aid organizations can't get a new project off the ground if they can't find a web designer with time to build the website for it. "People are starving and we want to help them, but first we need someone to build the website."

Of all the lines from Babylon 5, Londo Mollari's has stuck with me the clearest... "My shoes are too tight, and I've forgotten how to dance."

I want to have words with any UI designer who has decided scroll bars need to be only 5 pixels wide. Tired of having to have 360 no-scope accuracy to grab a scroll bar with the mouse.

This spammer who keeps sending me faux-Maersk messages titled "Bill of Landing" is just trying to get me to answer "IT'S BILL OF *LADING* YOU MORON" to confirm my email is active, aren't they?

Commit message of the day:

> this really fixes it. i know. i tested in in prod.

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I could be so much more awesome at work if I were just more motivated. πŸ€”

Okay, I've intellectually understood that there are introverts (me) and extroverts. But this isolation is driving home for me just how much some people need human contact... I've not left the house in two weeks. This is not a big deal. Extroverts? They've been isolated for less than half that time and they're using video calls to meet up for drinks, go on double-dates, trying to maintain some kind of video face-to-face social life. I'm like, "Yeah, I wouldn't mind getting out eventually."

Believe me, customer... nobody wants your service back up as badly as I do. The only thing I want more is to go back to bed. Again.

Wondering... how many people just don't answer the phone for numbers they don't recognize (aren't in their contacts)?

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Carl's brother's circle of friends, all very white small-town-Kansas redneck types, have nicknames. Rocket, Fireball, Goose, Pud, etc.

I am endlessly curious about what his brother's nickname is, but they all studiously call him "Dave" around MIL's house (MIL is the "everybody's second mom" type person and there is always at least one nicknamed person at every holiday gathering "because he didn't have nowhere else to go").

So I recently bought a pair of "cordless" earbuds, having been frustrated with how the cord of my last wireless corded pair kept pulling them out of my ears, and I gotta ask... does _anybody_ find cordless to be more convenient? I gotta carry around a case for them, when they fall out of my ears they end up on the ground, I can't just drape them around my neck when someone wants to talk. All of my fears turned out to be true... who actually thinks these are a good idea for general use?

It rather disturbs me that I can buy a product on Amazon and the seller gets my email address. I leave a negative review and the seller is emailing me directly to "make things right". I suppose they feel they're doing the right thing, but it feels really creepy.

Me to Poppi: "Okay I'm going to get up and go to the fridge for a drink. It's five yards away, in line of sight, you don't have to get up and follow me.

Poppi: *follows me to fridge*
*follows me to box of seltzers*
*follows me back to fridge*

Me: "Okay yeah, 'Shadow' is a cliche name but I think we're going to use it for you."

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