The security community has just figured out that Lastpass' Android app has trackers built into it.

Of course it does. 90% of the stuff you get out of the Play Store, from any manufacturer, will have at least one (and usually more) trackers embedded in it.

That is part of the ecosystem. It is also baked into some of the more popular devkits out there, and the developers might not even know they're there.

Seriously, folks... assume that you are being tracked and monitored, and act accordingly. This is a logical and reasonable thing to assume in the 21st century until you prove otherwise to your own satisfaction.

I listen to records on headphones that have a super-thin cord and a 1/8" jack. Part of me feels like this is wrong... I need a 1/4" jack, a thick spiral cord, and headphones that demand to be part of the experience.

the Dab is older than you think, but in 1951 they called it space fear.

Although now that I'm looking at non-MPD players, I'm realizing all the hooks I have in MPD. I have custom scripts for my window manager and status bar that control and report info out of MPD on my desktop. I could still do that with a remote MPD, but regular desktop players are a crapshoot.

Went to a Sonic Drive-In (restaurant, not movie theater) and realized with all the curbside and lack of paying with cash, we didn't have the bills for a tip (and asking the carhop to break a 20 seemed awkward).

So we dug into the change tray of the car we inherited from Mom a couple years ago and you guys, that ashtray goes back to the dang *firewall* and anyway what I'm saying is the US coin shortage is OVER.

Kind of ironic, that I've stuck with mpd (a music server and a choice of client) for listening to music for years, even though the server and client have run on my desktop for most of that, _just in case_ I decided to create a household server again, I wouldn't have to change my front-end player. Now all the mpd front-ends are super stale, and I'm wondering why I bother because I haven't run a central server in probably 15 years.

Get new turntable for Christmas. Vow to never place anything on acrylic cover, to avoid scuffing it up. Cat decides this is Best Place and sits on it regularly. It is now scratched up.

So I have this CD, _Prelude_ by Irene Hume, released in 1987. It's electronic ambient/space-music. Very weird, and I love it. But I really don't think of it as "80's music" at all, despite it being released at the peak of what I think of as the music of my youth. I don't think I discovered it until the 90's, and I think of "New Age" as coming later, because I discovered it later. Looking now, my favorite Suzanne Ciani albums were recorded in the 80's, but they're very much 90's music to me.

Really wondering how Disney+ thinks $30 to rent a newly-released streaming movie on a service I already pay a subscription for is reasonable.
It's the price of 2-3 movie tickets, sure... but it's still not a big-screen theater experience. It's literally asking you to pay 10x rental prices, on a subscription service, for early access.

hot take: ears are inherently funny-looking.

You might be listening to 80s music if:

The synthesizer includes the sound of blowing wind.

I put on Men at Work's _Business as Usual_, which opens with "Who Can It Be Now?", and more than any other record so far, this one took me back to that feeling of sitting in my room in the 1980's, listening to records.

Which is weird, because I didn't own this album in any format. I just saw their videos on MTV a lot. I think some of it is Men at Work defines the essence of the 80's for me.

It's not a podcast if you don't have an RSS (or Atom, Atom is fine) feed.

📰 👴 :yell: ☁️

My last on-call shift, since I became manager. Stayed in one more time to get out with the least impact on others schedules. Pager went off right as I was turning off the light. 90 minutes later, finally back in bed... 10 minutes later, pager went off again for an unrelated issue.

At least my new team is going to be taking the load off the on-calls and reducing recurring problems at the same time.

Elevator pitch: Longest running elevator experiment in history

spam, crude humor 

One sure-fire way to get me to open your unsolicited email is to use a "real name" of "Poop Protocol" and a subject that implies people of the Himalayas really know how to poop in ancient, mysterious and health-enhancing ways.

FWIW, I've been using that alias for over 20 years. People I'm tutoring ask why I bother typing `clear` instead of using ^L. And I'm like, "Let me tell you a story." 😆

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Command shell thoughts. Ever think about how when you start with a fresh shell, your cursor is at the top line. Then as you work, your focus moves down the screen until you're working on the last line. But you clear the screen and it starts over. You can see the legacy reason it does this (hardware terminals), but why does it still do this today? Why not have clear-screen reset to the bottom line?
alias clear='clear;tput cup $LINES 0'
If only I could get ^L to do this too.

You ever work for a place for years, and then discover there people you thought had been there awhile actually hired in the month, or even the week, before you? This keeps happening to me.

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