Network effect let Facebook attract billions of users who joined to talk to people who were already there. Switching costs turned those users into hostages - blocking interoperability means users have to choose between friends and fleeing the platform.

Explained: Ten ways journalism has gone to the dogs and why every event / day / scandal needs a catchy name to make it more hashtagable.

Georges Mathieu paints whilst Vangelis improvises, 1971. (Vangelis lays it down whilst Georges Mathieu improvises, 1971...?) Dancer in blue floatily feels the vibe.

Good to see both rugby codes here in the UK joining the football club boycott of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram from Facebook, protesting against said platforms inaction on racist abuse.

Wakefield Trinity ask fans to join in, but there doesn't appear to have been a much of an attempt to broaden the protest out to a scale that might have had slightly more impact.

In a bizarre move, the BBC appear to have switched off the BBC-4 television channel for the evening.

Facebook's claims that Capitol riot "...were largely organized on platforms that don't have our abilities to stop hate, don't have our standards, and don't have our transparency," *not true*.

Same website backs up Private Eye 1539's story about FB raking in the cash by placing ads for military gear next to insurrection posts -

Upstairs Downstairs seems to still be finding its feet in the first series. Mrs. Bridges stealing a baby is a little clunky, frankly; Hudson's offer of marriage is on point. Acres of dialogue telling the story. Shame the LWT front and end caps are missing.

Genial news bloke is Jean-Pierre Pernaut (JPP), and he's retiring at the end of the year.

The regional news-esque approach of Le13h on TF1 has been a thing for quite some time and is down to JPP as he's the editor in chief.

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Side thoughts from my recent re-post.

If Spotify pays artists $4.37 per 1000 streams then that's

ยฃ3.48 approx in the UK

which means that to earn the equivalent of one 37.5 hour week at UK minimum wage (*not* living wage) you'd need to get roughly

88,000 plays

to earn just over ยฃ300.


One of the best, succinct posts on decentralization projects and politics i've read -- a must read for anyone who engages in that space ... saying this as someone who engages in that space for two decades, given keynotes about it, read a lot of sociology and anthropology ...


"A trusted source is your safest option" says Facebook's false news website, despite the company still allowing factually inaccurate political adverts.

Sensational Sunday morning entertainment for all the family on bee bee ceee one!

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