We put away our Halloween decorations today & man, I miss the spook, the lights, the mummy’s & ghosts. :(

We’re watching the latest season of Legends of tomorrow on Netflix & to me they’re reaching for a story line. Singing in a sci-fi/space cowboy setting? smh

I woke up cranky this morning. 🤣
I hope everybody has a good week & stays safe.

Good morning everybody. I hope everybody is safe & warm 🤞

Took the month of April off from the world & just played games (mostly Animal crossing -but you knew this already. Lol), Netflix & picking up curbside groceries when we needed anything. We needed the recharge & we’re still wondering if we should hibernate some more.

I hope everybody is safe & well

Hey everybody, it’s been a busy summer & I’m sorry I haven’t been here as much. Hope everybody is ok.

@bkrysxo Just wanted to say hi & hope you & your family are ok.

I'll do one of these per day.

These are just junkfood from my meme stash.

Without further ado, the first installment...

#memes #tripping #chemistry #sciencehumor

"I didn't post to hear your opinion"

If you post in a public forum specifically designed to promote interaction, you are going to get other people's opinions. Deal with it.

This isn't in reference to any particular event. Just something I see a lot. If people legitimately don't want responses, they should write in a journal.

Guess what we did today. Ate, groceries, ate again. It was just too hot to work outside today. ggrrr

The National Museum of Rio is on fire & history is being destroyed. This makes me sad 😞

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