my 30s are basically the same as my 20s but with a lot more gastrointestinal distress

I fucking hate it when Delbert Grady spills a tray of Avocat on my jacket and then tells me I have to murder my wife and son!

well the people making unlicensed Halloween costumes seem pretty on top of it as we head into Fall...

Fast food places in the city are never as good as the burbs. Without fail.

[2 grizzled cowboys, riding across the prairie]

“i’m fixin’ to do me one of them viral toots”

‘what’s it gonna be about?’

[20 minutes of complete silence]

“eatin’ ass, i reckon”

It sucks you can’t see people’s follows from other instances. It was the way I was finding everyone I lost when I kept getting nuked.

Despite the attempts to silence the truth over on .social the fact remains that Piss Is Tinkle. You can take my 850 followers but Piss Is Tinkle.

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