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The #Ghost blogging platform kind of sucks. The actual publishing workflow and dashboard layout is really good, but the project direction is kind of trash.

Like, I’ve legitimately considered just rewriting the dashboard and publishing part and just sticking it all on top of Pleroma, and calling it a day.

Me: Wakes up fully intending to avoid all sugars and has a healthy, protein based breakfast.
Also Me: follows up breakfast with 5 chocolates from the Pot of Gold box that had been staring desperately from the counter.

sometimes i think 'GOD i am such a bitch'

Great long weekend. Spent two of them reading in bed with the bf. Re-read all of on one day and then halfway through on the next.
or should really pick up series by

@fedilab - shows as page not found when trying to add the account.

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And that would be a nope. Aww - I'd love for that to work a bit better.

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So, my account was able to connect with my account here (and other mastodon /qvitter accounts) but not Ill have to test and see if it goes both ways. no notification at Mastodon for contact.

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This is the kind of mentality that drove me out of Twitter. And also why I'm wary of those who come here and don't understand the point of a federated network. While admins have their right of blocking instances, the final decision should rely on the user about what content they want to see or not.

People will find something where they disagree, and it's up to them if they want to engage in a conversation or block each other. This is the nature of the beast, it is not a silo pampered by dictators. Don't let the federation become another Twitter.

Wow... I just publicly spelled 'whole' as 'hole'

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Hmmm, I wonder how easy it is to incorporate Mastodon's API into a basic Rails app, like the OneMonthRails Pinterest clone tutorial:

I wonder if supporting this means it'll also work for #GNUsocial? Supporting both would be awesome.

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