@FiveOutOfKevin You need to one-up them by making a hipsterish e-pipe that let's you light a wick that burns e-juice when you inhale so you can smoke/vape out of a solid wooden pipe

brb going to patent office

Bought the only McLaren I'll ever own in RaceRoom last night and now I just want to drive pretend cars around all day

@aemarc It's real real good. Pretty cheesy, just a little spicy from the rotel, and really hearty from the stuffing. love it love it, I'd link a recipe if I had one :(

@aemarc We're in the middle of a big slow-cooker phase right now. Bunch of chicken, onions, swiss cheese, cream of mushroom, rotel tomato stuff, stuffing and butter and broth is pretty magical

@aemarc I love all my mixed dogs, the pure Boxer is a giant asshole that eats garbage

I still love her too I guess.
Also if you spend $USD600 on a puppy you are doing it all wrong

@acw@mastodon.social hahah

Love to hear them answer "When we get a less niggardly government"

@aemarc real talk though some of the "breeds" that we've totally fucked up their faces and spines and hips are what bugs me, yeah sure they're friendly and conveniently sized but half of them die because we've screwed them up

@aemarc weeelll you're kinda toeing the line but it's not what i thought

Also the correct answer is to like both in a perfect ratio so if you stack 100 doggos on top of you the small ones will fill in the gaps between the big ones and you will achieve maximum dog

@aemarc uhhh let's unpack the implication that you don't like all dogs, i'm not comfortable with this

Is it cheating to sign up for a seminar because you know you'll be able to fuck around all day and not have to do anything real?

It's like I need a day off more than I need to learn how to manage social media presence and utilizing games for the public benefit

Buy new wireless access point for 28 bucks or risk getting fired for walking out of work with a spare that wont be missed....

dirtbag decisions...

@willhopkins I don't have any ideological issues with buying physical but I would recommend against it just because you're preordering. No developer is beyond completely cocking up any property they have rights to create

@themizarkshow My replies keep scrolling the left-most column up and down while I type, it's very maddening

@kevinmenzel That's dangerously convenient - one day there will be a fire and you'll be like "eh they'll put it out"

@jk I like the paper on desk analogy.

Hard drive is an encyclopedia, huge and full of info but very slow to find.

Move info from there to your notebook, much faster but can't hold the whole thing.

You do the actual reading and writing on a 3x5 notecard that can barely hold anything but it's unnaturally fast, so you're constantly copying from notebook to card. When you have your writing done you write it back into the encyclopedia from the notebook

@v1 The most boosted, millions of pounds of boosting

@kevinmenzel Always safer to just remain on edge until you can tell if the building is on fire.

If you keep getting up and finding out it's a test your brain will get "Alarm cries wolf" syndrome and you won't constantly build panic until you leave the building if there's a real fire.

@chr Is the first pic a game breaking bug or awesome power, I can never tell by looking anymore

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